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Cook & Talk: Taste of season

The flavours of the Vall de Bianya forests

At the next stop on our gastronomic journey, Adrià Juncà, the pastry chef who represents the new generation of the Ca l’Enric restaurant, opened the doors to us, accompanied by his uncle Jordi Juncà, the restaurant’s chef. Since the beginning and up to the present day Ca l’Enric, now run by the children and grandchildren of the founders, has established itself as a culinary reference that preserves and enhances the gastronomic richness of the region.

This establishment, located in a privileged setting in the Vall de Bianya (Girona-Spain), offers a gastronomic experience that interprets traditional Catalan cuisine with an avant-garde touch, using seasonal products and ingredients from its immediate surroundings.


Restaurant Ca l'Enric

1 Estrella Michelin 2 Sol Repsol

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The respect for the land is perceptible in every dish that comes out of Ca l’Enric’s kitchen. The products of the Vall de Bianya are the undisputed protagonists, and each ingredient is chosen with care and respect for local farmers.

Its deep connection with the territory and its dedication to selecting the best local produce is also reflected in the choice of furnishings. With a subtle balance of elegance and comfort, the Bogart chair helps to create a welcoming atmosphere of its own in the restaurant’s dining rooms.

When asked what flavour they would give to the Bogart chair, they make a play on words by associating “Bo” (good in Catalan) with the name Bogart, pairing it with a red wine with a delicate texture and a hint of wood, which is sweet on the palate. Similar to the wine, the chairs offer comfort and delicacy that blend in with the atmosphere of the room, allowing diners to enjoy a spacious and relaxed dining experience.