• Vergés - 50 years old !
  • Vergés - 50 years old !
  • Vergés - 50 years old !

50 years old !

In 1970 Silvestre Vergés and Palmira Picart opened a modest workshop to produce the popular wicker chairs. Always faithful to its origins, at the values of local labor and artisan tradition, they got the Vergés company to evolve and strengthen its position in the market.

In the last few years, Esteve and Joan Vergés joined the family project providing a new impetus and a renewing look.

With the complicity of the human team of Vergés, the factory modernization and the collaboration of recognized designers, the company is still committed to the quality of their products and to the internationalization of the company.

In this 2020 in Vergés we celebrate with pride and much enthusiasm our 50th anniversary.