Come and visit us at Maison Objet

Vergés presents in exclusive BOGART in Maison Objet. On January 2020

The Manel Molina Studio was inspired by the first chairs that were produced in Vergés in the early of 70s that were the traditional chairs of enea.

On the occasion of its 50th  anniversary, the company “reintroduces” this type of chair on its collection, also recovering the artisanal process of handmade stringing as it was previously made.

Be one of the first to know BOGART, come and visit us at Maison Objet, HALL 6 STAND 111

Besides, in Maison & Objet 2020 Vergés presents Dula and Cistell collections created by Yago Sarri, and Sandwich, from the studio Untaller.