Glöwr 783
  • Glöwr 783 - Vergés
  • Glöwr 783 - Vergés
  • Glöwr 783 - Vergés

Glöwr 783 by Claire Davies

Designed by Claire Davies, the Glöwr is a warm and welcoming chair. It’s a sober, robust and long-lasting piece. Its simple and smooth lines, together with the use of wood, provide domesticity and warmth to restaurant and hotel spaces.

The Glöwr collection includes a stackable chair, high stool, lounge armchair and tables, all with a beechwood frame and brass joints that provide a refined touch. Through combinations of tapestry, leather and wood tones, it’s possible to modify the chairs in a variety of ways and change their appearance.


Models 780 – 782. EN 1728:2012 + AC:2013.
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